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2016-02-06 03:18:12 by dj-Nate

There's this thing called not being dead. And I'm, like, totally part of that crowd.

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What should my new name be?

2011-08-13 03:40:35 by dj-Nate

It's not a discussion, it is going to happen.

What should it be? How does ef3x sound?


2010-09-01 18:25:43 by dj-Nate

Needless to say, putting my tracks onto iTunes isn't getting there as fast as I'd like.. But it'll be there soon, I promise! I'll update you when I do. Working on a few new tracks; favorite me if you enjoy my songs. In particular, Theory of Everything. Thanks everyone.


Check out my new ReverbNation account.


2010-02-22 15:21:59 by dj-Nate

* iTunes U.S.
* iTunes Australia/N.Z.
* iTunes Canada
* iTunes UK/European Union
* iTunes Japan
* iTunes Mexico
* Amazon On Demand
* Amazon MP3
Amie Street
Amie Street
LimeWire Store

Those are going to be my distributors very soon here. If you like my music, keep an eye out for my tunes on those distributors. They'll be up in the near future!

Thanks for all your help!


Lookin' for work!

2009-12-20 18:42:21 by dj-Nate

Hey everyone. I'm looking to do some work for anyone making flashes, creating a website or.. anything really. Send me a PM and maybe I can make something to suit your needs. The link below is the kind of stuff I seem to make the best. /294737


<3 Nate

New Myspace Page

2009-02-02 22:23:28 by dj-Nate

Check it. Request me, yo.

happy faic =D

2009-01-28 01:00:43 by dj-Nate

Not dead yet. Will post pics with BassHunter when I get back from Zero Gravity on the 31st!


Lengthen The e-Penis?

2008-10-28 14:42:32 by dj-Nate

Ah, thank you Rig, for providing us all with an invaluable e-Penis. As a fellow artist, I feel it is my duty to provide many with a chance for some e-Enzyte (If you don't know what Enzyte is, google it, yo).

Finally, my chance to make some electronic penises bigger.. Ah, my childhood dream...

Post how many private messages you have and I'll add to the list! That list can get pretty damn big if you've never cleaned it out once!

The e-Penis Enzyte list:
SBB: 2,595 Ugh.. You close my thread for whoring my news post, but you still post in this... Guess that means I.. WHORED SBB, WOO!
MaestroRage: 1,928
F-777: 1,387
Rig: 1,271
Chronamut: 1,092
dj-Nate: 761
Kris: 691
Envy: 675
Nav: 547
SolusLunes: 361
Zellers: 272
PianoForte: 67

Perhaps an Album?

2008-10-16 21:36:08 by dj-Nate

What do you guys think? Should I stop submitting to Newgrounds for like.. 3-5 months and just dedicate myself to making an entire album? I'd love to hear some input by the NG community.


2008-08-23 00:32:25 by dj-Nate

Just giving everyone an update...

Hey, does anyone live near me? Coal City, Illinois sound familiar to anyone?