Lookin' for work!

2009-12-20 18:42:21 by dj-Nate

Hey everyone. I'm looking to do some work for anyone making flashes, creating a website or.. anything really. Send me a PM and maybe I can make something to suit your needs. The link below is the kind of stuff I seem to make the best.

http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen /294737


<3 Nate


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2009-12-20 19:02:20

I sent you a PM with something you may grow fond on, or dislike.

Good luck with your awesome audio to.


2009-12-21 04:49:00

dude if ur looking for work just make a song
i mean the people of newgrounds love you
so it wont be to hard you would just need to
make a single and try and get it played at a event
im sure there is at least 25 record companies that would
like you to do some work with them
so srsly try talk to a record company to get you playing at a event


2010-01-13 18:10:16

What you should be doing is setting up an album!!! Your music is so great, i don't know whats stopping you. Even if you have to put it out yourself, it will most definitely sell. Keep it coming man, you're a genius!


2010-01-26 04:53:58

http://www.instructables.com/communit y/Positions-available-at-Instructable s/

just saw it out of the blue says theyre looking for web designers
never hurts to try i guess :] Gl