New Myspace Page

2009-02-02 22:23:28 by dj-Nate

Check it. Request me, yo.


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2009-02-02 22:30:35

sup nate... just saw this post randomly...

checked out your mypsace and listened to some tunes... sounds like you've improved alot of the years.

Grats on getting a myspace together... looks good. Let me know how things turn out etc. Let me send you a PM with my email address so you can keep me updated.


2009-02-02 23:09:06

Cool page. [uuuuuh myspace AND newgrounds]


2009-02-16 23:59:33

Well if i wasn't completely lazy i'd make a myspace and add you, btw i saw basshunter at zero gravity as well XD


2009-02-27 20:44:55


youre music is awesome

you need a wikipedia entry




2009-03-11 21:37:06

Checked out your stuff. I have to say, you're good, but I miss your trance style. You're moving more into a hardstyle, and it's almost sad. Your trance was so beautiful, and inspirational. It was amazing. Your newer songs are good, but I kind of miss the old Dj-Nate. No, I'm not a hater, but rather the opposite. Don't go for what's considered 'more popular'. Keep with your own unique style, amazing melodies, and inspirations music, and that's what will make you big. Your music is one of a kind, and I admire that. I know I'm just one of your thousands of fans, and possibly more, but even so, I'd like to be one to let you know how me, and maybe more fans feel.

Thank you for your time,
Zeth Schlenker


2009-03-13 20:26:12

Alright, this is a bit unrelated, but I've always wanted to get into making music of the same style to yours, and I was just wondering what you use and how you got started? If you could find the time to re-comment, that'd be great, but no rush!

Thanks a ton,


2009-03-14 19:32:48

'ey yo. Think you can upload some of your songs on a midi file? I want to learn the piano parts for some of 'em. :)


2009-03-22 21:54:36

You are a techno god. i bow to you


2009-03-29 07:35:40

Hey, you might want to check back on your e-pen0r newspost st/216115


2009-03-30 02:24:23

your music is awesome


2009-04-05 22:06:35

I don't like myspace. you should start a facebook group.


2009-05-02 15:03:27

I like ur page


2009-05-02 22:42:34

ur the reason why i use newgrounds


2009-06-09 00:00:47

hey nate, i was wondering what you did with the song "im your dj" that you submitted a while ago but took it off in the first week? it was pretty good...
ok well lokking forward to more songs coming out!
your the best!!!!!!


2009-07-24 02:17:34

So I saw that you favorited that Katy Perry remix that guy made. It's getting zero bombed which sucks, but my question is why were you looking for Katy Perry remixes in the first place >:3
Hahaha xD