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2008-06-07 04:09:50 by dj-Nate

Hello everyone. Just got eye surgery. Have to wear gay glasses. Makes me look like a little boy.. Whatever. Get Vicodin though.. Very cool stuff..

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Now, don't get me wrong.. I love ALL of you guys, but I seriously get on average 2-3 PMs a day from people asking me what program I use. I can't reply to everyone, so I figure why not just post it and tell everyone.

I use FL Studio 7 (FL is about as good as Reason. It seems like the only reason people say FL is worse is because FL is more user-friendly.).

I use some external VSTis as well, such as Hypersonic 2 and Z3ta+. I also love using 3Xosc. As for the percussion and such, I use the Vengeance Essential Club Sounds Volume 1 and 2. I hope this clears up some confusion, and if you still have any questions or wanna talk, throw me a PM. I promise to respond to every one. :D

You guys make me want to continue making music and it's appreciated more than you know. My next song is my orchestral/trance version of the SAW theme due sometime around Halloween.


Add me to my new Myspace!

2007-08-14 19:04:34 by dj-Nate

Yep, here's a Myspace for everyone. Please add me and gimme some comment love.


Add me to my new Myspace!

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2007-07-26 23:18:56 by dj-Nate

Newgrounds is such an amazing site. I'm sure everyone who takes the time to scroll down to see these posts at the bottom of the page has at least a little dedication to this site.

I simply and humbly request that you check my first song ever submitted to the new redesign. It's dedicated to how much effort gets put forth on this site. /89287

Thank you so much. Hope everyone loves the redesign.. And this amazing typing lag to go along with it..

Haha, just kiddinnn.


Thanks again,

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