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Why am I me and not someone else?

Posted by dj-Nate - July 12th, 2020

What happens when you die? Does anyone else really exist besides me? Why does anything exist in the first place?

Let's get weird. Comment your philosophical sheit below



there are multiple answers to these questions, which is part of the beauty of philosophy. if you want my input, then i'll give you mine.

i've always thought about these questions based on the human psyche and the material world. when you die, your body stops working, which is easily observable in the real world. what happens to the individual's perception is a much more interesting question. i like to think that when you die, your "perception", so to say, transfers to a new body, a newborn baby or something else. this idea is not to be confused with reincarnation; what you did in your previous life doesn't affect who you "perceive" to be next.

what i refer to as "perception" is what differs "you" from "everyone else"; it's the sensory organs on your body and the way you process new information, it's the way you process your own thoughts and not anyone else's. i'm not sure to explain it, but i think of it simply as how you view things from your own eyes and not anyone else's.

as for the existence of the outside world, unfortunately there is no way to confirm or disprove its existence. what you can be sure that exists, though, are your own thoughts and your own "spirit"; this is what descartes meant by "i think, therefore i am". these things exist outside of your senses, and if nothing that you sense is real, then your thoughts must exist.

sorry if these thoughts seem disorganized. they are because i'm tired. also while i'm here i want to say that i really like your music and i hope that your real life is going well.

Wonderful response. Thank you

u respawn

The more I think about it, the more all seems like an illusion to me.
A custom made vision of a world, which we can't even start to grasp the true form of.
Try to even think about reality beyond the limits of our experience it's a titanic task.

who the f*ck cares lmao

1. What happens when you die?
I don't know for sure but I'm pretty sure it's what happens to everyone else

2. Does anyone else really exist beside me?
Nope just you, don't mind me

3.Why does anything exist in the first place?
Because it's funny?

Why donĀ“t you die and find out?You could answer after as a ghost.

1) When you die, your own world will be forever lost.
2) Yes, we are.
3) Soul as mortal as your brain.

"Yesterday, upon the stair,
I met a man who wasn't there!
He wasn't there again today,
Oh how I wish he'd go away!"

no we are all one and to spread the love :D

There's always someone who is better off.
But if you always compare yourself to them, how can you feel happy with yourself?

It's good that you're you. It means awesome music that no one else could make! ?

Because you are you and it is physically impossible to be of another person.

dj nate goes back

thoughts on death: when you die, you go back home. life is a trip- you dip out of some kind of eternal hub, live a life, and come back home to said station... then do it again. probably, anyway. there would be no necessarily divine purpose behind these trips beyond what we make of them, though, i'd say. basically i'm an existentialist. as humans, we are experiencing an innately collective, conscious existence, and it has no innate meaning, but the beauty is that that is exactly what provides us the freedom to define for ourselves that meaning. it's exciting albeit terrifying as well (the infinite generally is), but yeah, that's the paradigm as I see it

you're here because you need to see whatever the hell's going on.

One night i was like: if i can't be another human how do i know they live, if i post this now, how can i know if the replies by you guys are from living humans, they say life continues after death, but how do i know? Maybe world starts when i was born and end when i die, maybe im the protagonist and everyone else are just glorified npc's. Maybe there are multiple world with multiple protagonists and stuff and you're stuck on your own forever idk

you respawn as a fly, that's why there are so many flies

you should post this on r/showerthoughts

my head

I think we all live in some sort of simulation. Modern computers existed for only around 50 years. Imagine what we could do in 10000 years.

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