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Looking for work! (indie devs, etc)

2017-02-02 16:20:14 by dj-Nate

tl;dr: dj-Nate from Geometry Dash: looking for indie devs, artists, programmers, and/or voice actors for work.

Hi everyone, dj-Nate here from Geometry Dash. I'm mainly looking for artists that need music for their project. Project is a broad term and I'm intentionally keeping it that way. Do you need a short SNES-sounding loop for your project or an entire album? Just want some menu sound effects? I make everything from scratch and I do not quit until you're 100% satisfied with my results.

Usually the larger projects require a contract, and I have very reasonable pricing. If you're small-time, I usually make quick loops for free. It all depends! Send me a PM for details!

Thanks everyone!


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2017-02-02 16:40:09

Wow the legend is up for grabs! :o

dj-Nate responds:



2017-02-02 17:21:02

dang too bad I'm poor and not working on a game at the moment.

(Updated ) dj-Nate responds:

Hey sometimes life makes us cynical, it makes us feel helpless against all the shit splattering our faces. Just keep trying to improve yourself. Even if you fail, you succeed.

I'll always help struggling artists for free, just message me.


2017-02-02 22:41:52

im sure loads of people will hire you in a heartbeat


2017-02-04 01:14:06

I will create a GD level for you and your awesome music Nate :)

You are finally back :D


2017-02-04 10:29:40

So sad I can't create games :)


2017-02-09 12:03:05

Frick dude. Love your music (especially excited for Electrodynamix 2 and ToE 3), and now your letting us hire you for projects. Welp. I'm sold, though I have no method of paying you, so I'll just go for free.

dj-Nate responds:

I have many many free requests at the moment so I probably won't be able to fulfill your request for a bit here but I'll get in touch.


2017-02-14 19:14:15

Thats great :) Do you think you might finish Crystallizer as well?


2017-02-18 04:59:00

Can't help you, since im not that rich, also excited for toe 3 and electrodynamix 2! Keep up!


2017-02-18 13:29:51

hi nate. can i please please use Center Of Existence in my level? i will give you credit


2017-02-27 20:12:57

I dig your work and would like to colab on some video projects needing some tunes. pm me thx


2017-03-07 09:07:41

Im not a exeptional programmer, i have only 14 years, i could help you, i know JavaScript, C#, HTML, CSS. Im developing 2 games at the moment. Please contact me if you want : lotheadric@gmail.com


2017-03-09 14:18:21

Can you make me like an New practise mode song for Geometry Dash With the way Your making TOE 3? or dont you do that stuff?


2017-03-11 06:26:35

Mr. Ingalls! It's been so long! It's amazing of you to be doing this! I only have one request, teach me and others how to make music like you using FL Studio! I'm very eager to learn, and what better way than learning from a legend like you! Maybe YouTube tutorials :P Thank you! :D


2017-03-20 06:25:16

That's awesome you are deciding to get out there and provide people with amazing music.


2017-03-22 08:34:36

What are the costs? My game dev team isn't particularly skilled at music, and we're pretty new to all this stuff.


2017-04-11 21:36:33

Hey Nate, just want to know how I can try to contact you. I'm new to Newground atm so just trying to see how I can contact you for a couple songs.


2017-04-24 15:38:21

Cool! I use FL studio too, and i like your music so much! in ToE 3 it went from 3/4, to 4/4, which was kinda weird.(No offence,) if you could do a 30-50 second loop, tech house, electro house, or dubstep, for my youtube channel,(You do not have to post it publicly, i will be satisfied if you could just comment on my channel, or NG account, and just give me the link for a download) it would be much appreciated! -A Fan of yours, DJRadiocutter, Bye!


2017-05-12 17:20:13

i was wondering if you were ever thinking of robotic nightmares II? just curious ;)


2017-05-13 17:51:24

Do you ever have those moments where you wonder what it's like to not be famous?


2017-07-02 16:47:28

Could you make a song that goes good with "Geometric Death?"


2017-09-08 17:08:17


So... Uhh....... I Use FL Studio 12.5 For My Music..... Um... Soo......

I Can Remix Your Songs Like Yours With It!